Looking Glass is a story about people. As individuals, they are unique; each with their own hopes, dreams, experiences, flaws, and shortcomings. This is just a glance at some of the characters in our story.


Primary Characters

Mary-bg FINAL.png

Mary Ann Bennet (VA: Isabelle Amponin)

Age: 15
Birthday: 21 September
Height: 4'10"
Mary is a cheerful, wide-eyed young girl from Northern England. She’s spirited and fiercely independent, but her stubborn nature can get her into trouble when she takes on something too difficult to handle alone. As an artist, Mary sees magic in the mundane, finding beauty in simple things that others might overlook. However, this eye only looks skin-deep.

Alice-bg2 FINAL.png

Alice McCrae (VA: Nicki Jensen)

Age: 17
Birthday: 13 April
Height: 5'6"
Alice was born into a wealthy family. She is gentle, compassionate, and hardworking, having been raised never to look down on another person for their money (or lack thereof). Her thoughtful, sentimental ways may be charming at times, but she can be overly sensitive, shutting down at the slightest provocation. Alice’s high status and striking appearance make her popular with schoolmates, though not all of this attention is welcome. She loves to read, and finds an escape from reality in stories.

Elli-bg FINAL.png

Elli Eldridge (VA: Heidi Tabing)

Age: 16
Birthday: 4 January
Height: 5'1"
Elli is a mischievous, playful girl. She has a quick mind and a determined spirit, but is easily distracted by opportunities to play tricks on those unsuspecting. Despite her apparent carelessness, she's remarkably observant; her ability to see past facades and look into the hearts of others can surprise even her closest friends. Elli is confident and unfailingly honest, never afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind. This can lead her to be blunt and unnecessarily harsh.

Secondary Characters


Nadia Borchard (VA: Luna Raydue)

Age: 11
Birthday: 4 June
Height: 4'7"
Nadia is a curious girl who's fascinated by the world around her. Much of this fascination is expressed inwardly, so to others, Nadia typically appears quiet and reserved. When her attention isn't focused on her present situation, she finds it easy to get lost in her thoughts, or to become fixated on certain things and pay less attention than she should to her surroundings, which gets her into trouble from time to time. Despite this, she’s honest and pure-hearted.