Music holds a special place in Looking Glass. While many stories inspire music out of them, for Looking Glass, it was the music that came first. You may listen to all of it for free, but if you would like to support the project, you may purchase it on Bandcamp.



Memories of Summer ~Looking Glass of the Heart Soundtrack Vol.2~

Twelve little memories of a summer that changed a young girl’s life. I hope they mean something to you.

01. Introduction
02. Mary Ann ~Prologue~
03. Ranunculaceae ~Reverie of a Child~
04. Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time
05. Silver Bells & Cockle Shells
06. Rematch! ~Doubles~
07. Apples & Oranges
08. A Turtle by the Road (Leave it Alone!)
09. Tea on a Rainy Day
10. The Cat and the Sparrow
11. Farewell, Gloucestershire ~Epilogue~
12. Fin

Music & Arrangement: Joshua Taipale
Artwork: Ezro

Release Date: 21 Sept 2018
Price: $5 USD

The Concept of Love ~Looking Glass of the Heart Soundtrack~

The official soundtrack for Looking Glass of the Heart. It features 18 sincerely-composed tracks in styles reminiscent of slice-of-life anime and 90s visual novels, each piece depicting a moment from the story.

01. Introduction
02. To Gloucestershire
03. Fragile Heart of an Eloquent Girl
04. The Quiet Morning Sunrise
05. Good Weather
06. The Café on Bridge St.
07. The Simple Joy of Preparing Food With Someone You Love
08. Dewdrops in the Garden
09. “It's always tea time, darling.”
10. A Tennis Match
11. “It's a nice day to do stuff.”
12. Childlike
13. Wrestling With One's Thoughts
14. Maybe she isn't so bad...
15. Warmth of Your Heart
16. Over the Hills of Gloucestershire
17. The Girl on the Staircase ~Music Box Arrange~
18. What Colour is Love? ~Music Box Arrange~

Music & Arrangement: Joshua Taipale
Artwork: Ezro

Release Date: 5 Sept 2016
Price: $7 USD

In Wonderland... | A Concept Album

The album that lit the first spark for Looking Glass. It was composed initially as a faux-anime soundtrack with a loose premise. It features 34 tracks, including character themes, scenario themes, and eyecatches.

01. Prologue ~The Cotswolds~
02. 20,000mm Under the Sea
03. Hallo, there! ~Mary's Theme~
04. Summer Villa
05. The Girl on the Staircase ~Alice's Theme~
06. Strawberry Field
07. Crumpets and Jam
08. A Conversation Over Tea
09. Missing You
10. A Prayer
11. Morning Sky
12. Country Road
13. “Earl Grey, Hot” ~Elli's Theme
14. A Letter
15. Golden Rays of Sunshine
16. Raspberry Croissants
17. Snapshot
18. Would you like some tea?
19. Melancholy of a Lonely Girl
20. With Love
21. Candelight
22. Searching the Rain
23. Alone in an Empty Room
24. Dancing in the Moonlight
25. The Ash Grove
26. Small Hands
27. Flower Meadow
28. Golden Curls
29. Wait for me!!
30. A Father's Love
31. Here with You
32. Warmth of Your Heart
33. What Color is Love? (ft. Mero)
34. Epilogue ~In Wonderland~

Music & Arrangement: Joshua Taipale
Artwork: PuccaNoodles

Release Date: 16 Sept 2014
Price: Free


A Tennis Match ~Retro Remix~

Inspired by the music of 90s Nintendo games, “A Tennis Match” from The Concept of Love has been remixed in two retro formats for your nostalgic pleasure.

01. A Tennis Match ~KM1 RMX~
02. A Tennis Match ~RSC88 RMX~

Music & Arrangement: Joshua Taipale
Artwork: toxy

Release Date: 19 Feb 2017
Price: Free

The Little Witch's Waltz

It's a dark, stormy night... All of the sudden, a little witch shows up at your door, demanding sweet things. You have some, right? This is ~spooky~ arrangement of Mary's theme for Halloween.

01. The Little Witch's Waltz

Music, Arrangement, & BG Artwork: Joshua Taipale
Character Artwork: toxy
Graphic FX Assistance: Aaron Morris

Release Date: 28 Oct 2016
Price: Free